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Free Download - Computer Organization & Architecture : By William Stallings, Sixth Edition.

Author : William Stallings
Publisher : Prentice Hall

ISBN - 10 Number : 0-13-049307-4
ISBN - 13 Number : 978-0130493071

BOOK Length : 815 pages
BOOK File Format : PDF
BOOK Language : English

BOOK Description :

For junior/senior/graduate-level courses in Computer Organization in departments of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.This text provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of the organization and architecture of modern-day computers, emphasizing both fundamental principles and the critical role of performance in driving computer design. The text conveys concepts through a wealth of concrete examples highlighting modern CISC and RISC systems.A five-part organization covers: an overview, the computer system, the central processing unit, the control unit, and parallel organization. For computer engineers and architects, product marketing personnel in computer or communications companies, and for information systems and computer systems personnel.

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  1. Hi, nice book of Computer Organization & Architecture By William Stallings.Thanks for your help..