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Free Download - Data Structure and Their Algorithms : By Harry R. Lewis & Larry Denenberg.

Author : Harry R. Lewis & Larry Denenberg
Publisher : Addison Wesley

ISBN - 10 Number : 067339736X
ISBN - 13 Number : 978-0673397362

BOOK Length : 509 pages
BOOK File Format : PDF
BOOK Language : English

BOOK Description :

Using only practically useful techniques, this book teaches methods for organizing, reorganizing, exploring, and retrieving data in digital computers, and the mathematical analysis of those techniques. The authors present analyses that are relatively brief and non-technical but illuminate the important performance characteristics of the algorithms. Data Structures and Their Algorithms covers algorithms, not the expression of algorithms in the syntax of particular programming languages. The authors have adopted a pseudocode notation that is readily understandable to programmers but has a simple syntax.

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