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Free Download - Operating System – Internals & Design Principles : By William Stallings, Fifth Edition.

Author : William Stallings
Publisher : Prentice Hall

ISBN - 10 Number : 0-13-147954-7
ISBN - 13 Number : 978-0131479548

BOOK Length : 800 pages
BOOK File Format : PDF
BOOK Language : English

BOOK Description :

This book covers concepts, structure, and mechanisms of operating systems. Stallings presents the nature and characteristics of modern-day operating systems clearly and completely. Includes major programming projects. Offers step-by-step web support with CD/Rom Resources. A basic reference for those interested in learning more about operating systems; also suitable for self-study.

Features :
  • NEW - Expanded coverage of Linux–Based on the latest version, Linux 2.6.
  • NEW - New material–Clearly explains and expands concurrency.
  • NEW - New Programming Projects–Includes supplemental material for instructor.
  • Sample test items–Includes solutions to all homework problems.
  • Student projects–Offers suggestions for hands-on experience in Programming, Research, Modeling and Simulation and Reading/Report.
  • Major-Programming Projects–Extends step-by-step web support with CD/Rom resources.
  • Companion Website -- Access textbook-related resources and support materials for students and instructors maintained by the author.
  • Student Resource Site -- Access a wealth of computer science-related information including mathematics reviews, how-to documents, research resources, and career explorations maintained by the author.

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